Family Picture

Family Picture
Jill, Tyler, Lamar and Tori

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's finish up 2009 shall we!

One thing we always love to do at Christmas time is make a gingerbread house. I love it because of the quality time I get to spend with Tyler...he loves it because of the amount of candy and icing he gets to consume. I can't say I blame him. Some might say that I should limit the amount of sugar he gets to eat during this time....but look how happy it makes him!!! :)

The end result wouldn't stay together. But that's okay, more to EAT!
Friends are what get you through the good times and bad. These are friends who have done just that. Tyler has been blessed beyond measure to have so many people love him the way they do. They treat him as if he is their own and still come to our rescue when we call. We love you guys!!
Chase and Kassie Gassaway and Michael and Jenny Cole

Christmas time with the family. These are treasured times! Tyler's great grandparents love him so very much!
Uncle Ty does too!

I love the generations in this picture.
After spending time with the Loro side of the family...we head over to the Kniffen side. Tyler was so thrilled to get the ONE thing he asked for for Christmas...a SCOOTER!
Tyler got a nice surprise when PawPaw showed him the horse swing he got for our backyard! Daddy and Uncle Ty were helping him give it a little test run.
Checking with MawMaw to see if there was anything else.
Aunt Mande and Uncle Ty brought Lamar this ukulele from California. It now serves as Tyler's guitar...and he is pretty amazing at it too!
Again with our wonderful friends. Nate is one of our greatest friends. He loves and adores Tyler and it is very obvious that the feeling is mutual!
Our friends all came over to spend Christmas time with our family. Like I said before...we are blessed! If you look carefully, you can see Lamar up in the tree!

2009 was a wonderful year for our family of 3. We looked forward to seeing what God had in store for us in 2010!

Stay tuned for a recap of 2010. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's been a while!

I guess I need to catch up a little bit. :)

Now this may take a stay tuned and keep checking in.

November of 2009...

After we found out we were having a second baby, we decided to take one final trip with some friends. Our second "babymoon" if you will. Tyler stayed with grandparents and we headed to HAWAII!!!! with our best friends Nick and Lindsey. We will be forever grateful for this experience they gave us.
Nick and Lamar
Lindsey and me
Lamar and me...pre-baby #2.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We have big news!

You're gonna to want to pause the music at the bottom to hear an important announcement from Willie T.

First trip to the doctor.....6 weeks, 3 days

Innocent Criminals

Monday, September 28, 2009

Like Father Like Son!!!

And people wonder where Tyler gets his looks.....

Buzz Cut!

The realization that Tyler was in desperate need of a hair cut....(a.k.a. - Lamar said his hair made his head look HUGE!)

The way to save money on a haircut that is going to inevitably grow out in a couple of weeks!
It tickled.......

The point when mommy gets sad because she realizes all her babies hair is GONE!
The best way to get a little boy cleaned off fast because he is "so scratchy!"

Domain Dillo

So we went to the Domain to hear our friend Clint play with his Jazz Trio. They were wonderful but Tyler was entertained for all of 2 we played with the Armadillo and Butterfly chairs.

I love Mommy and T time!